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Sunday, September 21, 2008

QPR Fan Groups United in QPR Protest - One-QPR Statement

Obviously various individual fans have a variety of views, but on an organizational basis, this statement from ONE-QPR, reflects the views of a coalition of groups, websites and fanzines. Given that some of these various entities often hold diametrically divergent viewpoints regarding QPR matters, this display of unanimity on this issue is especially noteworthy.

- ONE-QPR, a coalition of supporters groups, websites and fanzines, would like to make it very clear that the call for action at the game V Derby on the 27th , is one we have all decided on and endorsed for the good name, reputation and future of QPR FC and all that it represents.
- Whilst it has been noted on web sites ect that some statements from various supporters groups to their members have been published, ONE-QPR would like all QPR supporters and the board at QPR FC to understand we are united and stand as one on this issue.
- QPR FC is much more than a football club, it is an institution, a community, it is a family and each and every one of us holds a stake in that. We believe we should also have a voice in our future too."

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