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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

QPR Supporters Group Expresses "Dismay and Disgust" at Ticket Price Increases

In reaction to Monday's announcement of ticket price increases, the QPR messageboards have been very active today. Late Tuesday, the QPR supporters group, the Loyal Soccer Association (LSA) issued a very "strong" statement, which speaks for itself.

Loyal Soccer Association (LSA) Statement

The QPR Loyal Supporters' Association is dismayed and disgusted at the latest price increases for match day tickets. Many fans who were unable to afford to purchase season tickets due to the 50% plus increase in prices, now will be unable to afford a match day ticket. Is it a conscious policy to price out long standing loyal fans and replace them with a more well off section of 'fans'.

The LSA stands against all forms of discrimination, including discrimination on economic grounds. We feel the club is excluding a section of our fans who are no longer able to pay the very high prices asked. It may also be a very short sighted policy, given that the economy is in recession, people are losing their jobs and inflation is rocketing. People may make the choice in these hard times to stop paying high prices to watch a live match.

We in the LSA came into existence to offer an independent voice for QPR fans and to protect and safeguard our beloved club. When the club was in dire straits we along with others organised collections and sponsored events, we even raised money to pay for a player. We welcome the fact that the club is safe financially and we are confident that there will be success on the field, but we want all the QPR family to be able to enjoy that success.

What is Queens Park Rangers? we believe it is ultimately the fans who make up the club, if we lose our loyal fan base, we lose the heart and soul of our club.

We urge fans to write letters of protest to the club, we also urge fans to peacefully demonstrate outside the main entrance in South Africa Road after the Derby County game.But get behind the R's and let us cheer them on to promotion.


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