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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

QPR Fans React Strongly to Price Increases

Yesterday, QPR announced new increased ticket prices, for the already-underway season. "MatchDay Ticket Prices" "Our ultimate goal at Queens Park Rangers Football Club is to reach the Promised Land of the Premiership and to compete with some of the biggest Club's in the country, and in time, across Europe.
As such, we are totally committed to building a sound financial base for the future, upon which we can continue to build for what we all believe will be the most successful period in our Club's history.
As part of this financial restructuring, we need to increase our matchday revenues and as a result, we have introduced a new three-tiered category banding structure, whereby adult matchday prices are determined by the opposition, their league position, and the day of the fixture..." QPR

Coming after Sunday's televized victory over Saturday (which included shots of QPR part-owner and Britain's wealthiest person avidly viewing the game) the price increase was the proverbial "bolt from the blue." Messageboard reaction to the ticket prices has been instant and very strong. The reaction undoubtedly made stronger by the facts of the wealth of those now owning the club; the new sponsorship brought in; the already-implemented season ticket price increases; and the fact that this is occurring after the season had already begun; and that there had been no warnings that these increases were coming.

Obviously one can only gauge fan reaction via messageboards the number of posts; and what's said. And of course, the majority of QPR fans do not post on messageboards. Maybe there is a "silent majority" who are very understanding about, and sympathetic towards, the price increases. But if there is, there is no sign of it on the messageboards. There are clearly a considerable number of extremely unhappy and disillusoned fans. Thus far, very few people - even those normally not hesitant to defend the club's actions - are offering any defense for the price increase.

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