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Monday, October 06, 2008

QPR Co-Owner, Bernie Ecclestone Subject of New Book

As noted by a messageboard poster on the IndependentRs site, there is a new book out on QPR's Part owner, Bernice Ecclestone.

The book is: Bernie Ecclestone: King of Sport by Terry Lovell )
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About the book [From the Book Flaps]

"He is the man who created modern-day Formula One. He is both feared and admired for the way in which he masterminded its transformation from an amateur sport of the fifties into a global billion dollar industry of the 21st century. And now, with his GBP 2.5bn fortune, influence and power, Bernie Ecclestone has moved into the world of soccer with Renault F1 boss Flavio Briatore to turn Queen's Park Rangers, a struggling west London club, into a serious rival to the capital's glamour club, Chelsea.Overnight, QPR has access to more wealth than Real Madrid, able to compete with the cheque-book of Roman Abramovich, Chelsea's Russian billionaire owner.

But what makes Bernie run? What lies behind the grim, poker-face of this deal-maker extraordinaire, who, for nearly forty years, has ruthlessly exploited and dominated Formula One? To many he became the saviour of the sport, but there have also been many who have suffered at this hands - the weak and the gullible, the politically naive and unsuspecting. They have a different story to tell.

"Bernie's Game reveals the unbridled avarice, callousness and corruption behind the hype of Formula One - and the warts-and-all character of the man who is now setting his sights on a sport no less decadent. This is the true, astonishing story of the single most powerful man in world sport today." - TEsco

- Look Inside The Book

Note: There was another book on Bernie Ecclestone, by Susan Watkins, "Bernie: The Fully Authorised Biography of Bernie Ecclestone" originally scheduled for October 2007 publication; and then May 2008 Publication. Not sure that that book ever got published. - See QPR Report: "Biography Delayed:

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