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Thursday, April 30, 2009

QPR Dinner Faux Pas?....QPR Season Ticket Prices in 2009-2010?

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This is London/Raoul Simons Dishing the dirt on Mutu's shirt
- An own goal was scored by organisers of an auction at Queens Park Rangers' end-of-season dinner on Saturday night. Host Rodney Marsh was asked to invite bids for Adrian Mutu's Fiorentina shirt — donated by a sponsor — and not surprisingly none were forthcoming.
- One of those attending the £70-per-head event told Talk: “What Rangers fan would want a Mutu shirt? Not only was he banned for cocaine but he played for Chelsea — our biggest rivals!” This is London

Posted on the Official Site a couple of weeks ago. Not clear (to me at least) if any other changes coming

Posted on: Fri 10 Apr 2009
- The Club is pleased to announce a reduction of the previously advertised Season Ticket prices for the 2009/10 season, as well as an extension to the Early Bird offer by a further month.
- After careful consideration of the current economic climate, coupled with feedback from our supporters, the new Early Bird prices will show a five per-cent reduction in all areas.
- Supporters will now have until Sunday 17th May 2009 to renew their Season Tickets at the new five per-cent reduction price.- Under-8's will again be FREE in certain areas of the stadium, as we look to encourage fans of the future to Loftus Road.
- Those supporters who have already renewed their existing Season Tickets will, of course, receive a refund.
- The Club appreciates the commitment thousands of fans who have already renewed have shown and percentage refunds will be sent out from the Box Office in due course.
- As of Monday 18th May 2009, subsequent prices will be available at a 2.5 per-cent reduction on current 2008/09 Season Ticket prices, which reflects the VAT reduction this year.
- QPR Holdings Ltd Chairman, Flavio Briatore, explained the rationale behind the decision to reduce the prices, commenting: "This price reduction reflects the current economic downturn in the country, as well as the drop in VAT.
- "We believe we are not only being realistic with this new offer, but are also providing supporters with an affordable price in these uncertain economic times.
- "On behalf of the Board of Directors, I'd like to thank you for your continued support and I look forward to welcoming you back to Loftus Road next season."
- QPR Holdings Ltd Vice-Chairman, Amit Bhatia, added: "We have taken this decision following detailed discussions with fan groups and feedback from our supporters.
- "The QPR fan-base plays an integral role in the decision-making process and we were wary that the initial deadline only took into account supporters receiving one pay packet during the initial time period.
- "Therefore, we have extended the deadline by an additional month to include April's wages, and hopefully the five per-cent price reduction will make it financially easier for fans to renew their ticket ahead of the new season."
- To view a new and updated pricing matrix, click 2009-10 PRICING MATRIX QPR

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