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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Richard Langley on His Move to Cardiff and Best Players He's Played with

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Kilburn Times - Q&A with Richard Langley
- THIS week, I'm going to try and answer some of the questions you've sent me.

- Who is the best player you have played with?
-Over the last 10 years I have come across some extremely talented players, all from different backgrounds, positions and clubs.
- There are a handful of names which initially come to mind - to start with; Gavin Peacock and Chris Kiwomya, who at the beginning of my career were particularly influential in regards to my progression and performance.
Gavin was a methodical and technical player, his hours spent post training during his time at QPR were highly inspirational to me and this became a habit I would eventually call my own.
When Chris arrived at QPR he really took me under his wing and I learnt how to be an honest professional player. We studied the game thoroughly together in order to improve each other's role in the team.
During my time at Cardiff, Robert Earnshaw was the player who stood out most. I was in awe of his movement and pace, combined with his natural goal scoring instinct.

Do you regret moving to Cardiff?
My move came as a total surprise. QPR was the club that had given me my chance and I had a close relationship with the players, staff and the fans. I had made numerous friends over the years, ranging from the catering staff to the diehard loyal supporters.
- Moving club was the hardest decision for me to make and that drive down the M4 to sign was equally as tough. It was my first move and at the time I didn't feel like I had a choice. QPR accepted a bid for me and I was advised that it was in my best interest to go and speak to Cardiff.
- Things didn't work out as well as I'd hoped but I enjoyed the two seasons there all the same. QPR got promoted that year and I was so disappointed that I wasn't part of that, but life doesn't always unravel the way you want it to.
- I realise now that moving club is all part of the game and something you can't stop. I don't regret the move - I just take all the positives from it and move on.
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