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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FA Wants Report re QPR-Millwall Fan Disturbances

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Talk Sport/Julian Bennets - FA looking at QPR crowd trouble
The Football Association have asked QPR and Millwall to send them reports on the violence surrounding their goalless draw at Loftus Road on Tuesday before deciding whether to hit either club with charges.

Eleven supporters were arrested as violence before and after the game marred the first meeting between the clubs for almost five years.
Some Millwall supporters managed to break into the home fans’ section after the game, while others fought a running battle with police outside the stadium.
The FA can only charge the clubs over events inside the stadium, and both QPR and Millwall have been given a week to send over documentation to show they did everything possible to prevent the mayhem.

QPR boss Neil Warnock blamed the Football League for scheduling the match on a Tuesday night, with this game coming almost 13 months after Millwall and West Ham supporters clashed during and after their Carling Cup tie at Upton Park.
Millwall were cleared of three FA charges after that game, but could face more if the sport’s governing body decide they didn’t do enough to control their fans.

We have asked both clubs to provide us with reports on Tuesday night’s events, and they have a week to do so

FA spokesperson
"We have asked both clubs to provide us with reports on Tuesday night’s events, and they have a week to do so," said an FA spokesman.
"The clubs have to ensure that all appropriate measures are taken to stop disturbances art games. If they have done so but there was still trouble then no action will be taken."

The FA can only act on trouble inside the ground, with any events outside coming under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Police.

A full range of punishments are available to the FA, including forcing both clubs to play a number of matches behind closed doors or issuing large fines. Talk Sport

News Shopper/Mark Chandler - MILLWALL: 'Neither side blameless' in QPR clashes

A MILLWALL supporter claims neither side was completely blameless in the violence at last night’s match with QPR.

Eleven people were held by police after trouble flared before and after the Championship match at Loftus Road.

But Graeme Smale, a board member of the Supporters’ Club and a fan since 1965, said the atmosphere was nothing different to a typical London derby.

He said: “In all this no one side is totally blameless.

“It was a London derby. Millwall are always quite vociferous and other people will react to them.

“QPR started pointing and gesturing at them like they do. If they don’t want any aggravation then they don’t respond.

“There were some aggressive QPR people who wanted to get at Millwall people and that pulled some of these idiots towards them.”

Mr Smale said trouble may have been caused when Lions supporters were let out at the same time as home fans.

He said: “After the game we were held in for a few seconds, then we were allowed out with the QPR lot.

“I believe some of the people who left before me had some sort of dust up with their fans.”

But he denied seeing Millwall fans trying to get into the home end containing women and children, as has been reported.

And he insisted forthcoming games with sides like Crystal Palace would not inevitably lead to violence.

He said: “If the police are doing what they should be doing there won’t be any problem with Millwall this season.” News Shopper

Fulham Chronicle/Adam Courtney QPR riots 'planned months in advance'

Riots between QPR and Millwall football fans in Shepherd's Bush were planned months in advance, it has emerged.

Hooligan internet message boards had boasted of arranged trouble leading up to Tuesday night's match, which was marred by violent clashes both before, during and afterwards.

It is understood police unsuccessfully asked the match to be moved due to Chelsea playing at home at the same time.

And with known hooligans stating their intentions, fans questioned holding the match at night.

QPR supporter Billy Byers was unsurprised by the fighting. "This was being talked about weeks, even months, in advance," he said.

"As soon as I saw the fixture was on a Tuesday night I knew there would be trouble."

Rangers manager Neil Warnock said: "It doesn't make sense but you'll never get any sense out of them (the football authorities)."

Known hooligans with banning orders appeared to be in W12, with an internet video showing some chanting 'we're supposed to be at home'.

Hundreds of riot officers, dogs and horses battled to control the thugs but there were running battles in Bloemfontein Road, the White City Estate, Uxbridge Road, Wood Lane and Shepherd's Bush Green.

Eleven people were arrested as Hoops fans accused the visitors of behaving like 'animals'.

Witnesses posted pictures and accounts on website Twitter, reporting a fan had darts stuck in his chest after rival supporters chucked weapons during the game.

Hours before the game, police formed 'rings of steel' around several pubs, many of which shut at 9.30pm.

Many home fans were penned inside The Coningham for their own safety and missed much of the first half.

Shepherd's Bush blogger and QPR fan Chris Underwood said the delay had caused problems.

"Some QPR morons tried to break through the line – they matched Millwall word for word," he said.

"This was the worst violence I have seen here - there were literally women and children walking through traffic to avoid the trouble."

A Loftus Road stadium worker said children had to flee at the final whistle after away fans charged at them.

"They jumped a wall and ran towards us, there were kids screaming and women and old people trying to get back in the ground."

The police defended its operation, a spokeswoman saying: "We have a great deal of experience in policing high profile football matches in London. We liaised with all clubs before the event and used intelligence to put into place an appropriate policing plan for last night's match." Fulham Chronicle

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