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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

QPR Report Tuesday Snippets: Ipswich Tonight...The Devlin Interview

- "April 1968: Ken Hancock, the Ipswich Town goalkeeper, fails to save Rodney Marsh's penalty in a match against Queen's Park Rangers FC."
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- Listen to the recent three-hour JNet Interview with Ex-QPR CEO Mark Devlin (and two QPR fans). The three hour broadcast now available online

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This article was published in the QPR Magazine. It was written by John Disson. (Note the role of his brother in the hoops decision.)


This season the Club has celebrated fifty successive years of wearing the famous Blue and White Hoops.Behind the celebration, there is a story to be told…

so just how did it come about that we went back to our roots and assumed our true persona for being the Super Hoops?

QPR: The Official Magazine caught up with R’s fan John Disson to get to the crux of the matter.

- It was the close season prior to the start of the 1960/61 campaign, the annual general meeting of the Supporters Club had been called to take place at the Hammersmith Town Hall.
- I confess not an occasion I had ever regularly attended, but this year Alec
Stock had been invited to attend and was to address the supporters, so an occasion
not to miss.
- Much was expected of Alec Stocks’ appointment as Manager - he had been given the job the previous season, having taken over from Jack Taylor who had moved on to Leeds United. He had been in the job for about six years, during which time we had been served up with some pretty mediocre football, as well as seeing the Blue and White Hoops dispensed with in favour of a plain white shirt.
- With Stock due to give a talk on how he wanted the Club to progress the
meeting was well attended; I think the meeting was chaired by the President of
the Supporters Club, but what I definitely do remember about him was that he was
wearing a black bow tie!
- As is the case with most meetings, the usual complaints and grievances
were being aired, mostly all about performances on the pitch, so there was
very little the Supporters Club could ever do about it.
- Therefore, the areas of complaint were targeted at the Board and the Club itself;
remember this was in the days prior to the purchase of the Club by Jim Gregory.
Stock had sat quietly throughout the proceedings, but now it was his turn to speak.
- Almost everybody knew about his recent football background, as well as
him holding the rank of Major in the Tank Corps, during which time he took part in
active service in the Second World War. He spoke with an air of authority and the longer he went on the more the supporters were drawn in and charged with enthusiasm. In fact, I can only relate the substance of his speech to that given by Henry the Fifth before the Battle of Agincourt - it’s something that vividly stands out in my memory.
- He was a true man Manager, someone that many people should use as an
example to follow. I’m sure that many of the sides he put out to play were suitably
inspired by him; not by coincidence was his autobiography entitled ‘A Little Thing
Called Pride.’
- The meeting then moved onto any other business, which is where it got really interesting.
- My brother Derek seemingly inspired, as was the whole meeting, immediately
put up his hand and proposed that we revert back to wearing our Blue and
White Hoops, I can’t remember just whether I seconded the proposal, but it
was immediately adopted amid cheers from all present.
- The Club dispensed with the Hoops in 1954 and having worn a nondescript
white shirt for the past six years, we wanted our identity back, the meeting
urged that the Supporters Club should inform the Club without delay of our
request for the coming season. Stock then stated that he would endorse our
proposal and to all present, this was rubber stamping the fact we would once
more be wearing our Hoops.
- The meeting broke up with everyone on a high, not only from the speech given
by Stock, but also the highs of knowing the Hoops were here to stay.
If we had never been there to witness that uplifting speech, would my brother
Derek, or any other person at that meeting for that matter, have ever been
encouraged to put forward the proposal ‘let’s get back to the Hoops.’
- In the coming years, all that Stockie achieved is now history. Without doubt
he can be credited as being the catalyst, not just for inspiring us back into the
Hoops, but also for all of our subsequent achievements.
- As a family we are in our fifth generation of support for the R’s, from
my Grandfather in the 1890s to my now six year-old grandson, we therefore feel
justifi ably proud to be responsible for playing our part in a significant era of the
Clubs history.’

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