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Friday, August 11, 2006

Ex-QPR Boss, Ian Holloway Speaking about Plymouth

[Have to admire the order in which Plymouth rank their officials!
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BBC - Holloway has top-flight dream
By Chris Bevan

This club can make it to the Premiership and I want to be the man who takes them there
Ian Holloway

New Plymouth boss Ian Holloway is laying down big plans at Home Park.

The Premiership is his ultimate aim - but first he wants to stop people looking down their noses at his side.

He told BBC Sport: "Everyone is talking about the obstacles I am facing down here and the problems I am going to have.

"I don't see it that way. I moved down here, I am from round here and I believe in the area, the whole lot.

"I am not thinking about targets for this season. I am thinking long term.

"This club can make it to the Premiership and I want to be the man who takes them there."

The former Bristol Rovers and QPR boss took charge of the Pilgrims at the end of June, five months after he was suspended by the R's because of speculation linking him with the then-vacant Leicester City job.

Holloway revealed he considered leaving football for good - but realised he could not turn his back on the game.

He explained: "When I was out of football I sat down for the first time and thought about whether I wanted to be a football manager - up until then it had always fallen into my lap.

"I didn't go out and watch football; I should have been looking at players but I didn't. Instead I spent five months with my family and I am glad I did. I feel rejuvenated.

"I was ready to come back and when I got this job Plymouth didn't interview me, I interviewed them.

"I liked the way they spoke and I liked what they told me about their plans for the future.

"It is definitely good to be back and I am glad to be here. Now all I want is for this club to be talked about in the proper way - I am sick of people being negative."

Holloway feels the Pilgrims are on the brink of something big - and he is keen to convince everyone else too.

"There is so much untapped potential in this area and I want to utilise it," he said.

"I have signed a three-year contract and that is what I have got to work with to begin with.

"My first aim is to get the gates up. At the moment we get 16,000 which is enough to compete in this division - but I think we can get more, and if we are going to develop the ground and the team then we have to.

"I believe in what I am doing totally and once people speak to me they do too - I could sell snow to the Eskimos.

"I persuaded Barry Hayles to come here, and Sylvain Ebanks-Blake. People did not think he would leave Manchester United to come here and I will tell you why he did - because of me."

Many people have predicted a season of struggle for Argyle but their solid start suggests otherwise - and Holloway is not interested anyhow.

"I haven't read what people have predicted and I don't care what they say. I've been a football pundit and half the time they don't even watch games, they just sit there chatting," Holloway said.

"I don't care what other people say. Look at Watford last year - everyone was saying they were going to get relegated but look what happened to them when they backed Aidy Boothroyd.

"Until you walk around this club and see how welcome they have made me feel you won't understand how I am feeling at the moment. I am going to do a job for them and I will work until I die if I have to.

"I don't know what the feeling is like in the town - you will have to come down and see for yourself.

"But all I can say is that I am buzzing and I can't wait for the next game - win, lose or draw."


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