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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Paladini Generously Helps Out With Toddler's Treatment

Liverpool Echo - Paladini -
I will pay for Callum's jab

By Luke Traynor, Liverpool Echo - August 31, 2006

A MILLIONAIRE Italian football chairman is helping a Merseyside toddler to walk.

Three-year-old Callum Boan is desperate for life-changing botox injections which will treat the disabling condition he suffers from.

But as the ECHO revealed this week, the St Helens family must pay for the treatment which could make the youngster's dream of playing football with his friends come true.

After hearing about the story, Queens Park Rangers supremo Gianni Paladini stepped in. The ex-football agent's grandson, Gianluca, seven, suffers with the same condition, cerebral palsy spastic diplegia, and his life has been transformed following the treatment.

Now, Mr Paladini is pledging Callum and his family the thousands of pounds they need. Mr Paladini said: "Anything Callum wants, he can have. Send me the bill, I'll sort it out."
The condition affects muscle tone, meaning affected children have difficulty moving from one position to another.

Botox, commonly used in cosmetic treatments, would freeze Callum's calves and allow him to place his heel on the floor, allowing him to walk.
Liverpool Echo

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