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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"Snippet" re QPR's Official Website: Material Removed

Just a "snippet" for QPR's Official Website: REMOVED MATERIAL

For whatever reason, there's been a change on the Official Site in recent days (which just noticed today)....

If one goes to the QPR Official Site
and look for "Past stories" - which includes news accounts/Match Reports/Transfer announcements and Official Statements: These past stories (as recently as last week) can no longer be found on the Official Site's "News Archives." Dating back to stories since late June, they are no longer included in the "Display Stories from Week" (although the articles CAN still be found if you know the exact url) The only things currently listed for this period are "QPR (video) World Interviews."
Whether this is temporary or permanent; whether it's going to be extended further back in removing material; and whether it is the case at other Championship websites, have to see.
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