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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Four Years Ago Today (Tonight): Fire Alarms Rang Out in Cardiff For QPR Players

Twas the night before the playoff final against Cardiff City....QPR Players were sleeping at the Celtic Mannor hotel...The fire alarm went off...All the guests were awoken, including the QPR player...Turned out it was a false alarm set off by one Neil MacNamara, previously a "Security Guard" with Cardiff City (also described as "former minder of Cardiff City Football Club owner Sam Hammam." Was also described as a "former bodyguard" of Sam Hammam)

"QPR Hotel Alarm - Man Charged"

"Ex-soccer minder admits hoax"

"Fan says he set off alarm in hotel of rival team"

"Ex Minder Gets Five Year Soccer Ban"

Pre-Fire Alarm Story "Key test for war on hooligans" and Story

Hammam minder sent to jail

From 2006 - "Ex-minder is jailed for tax dodge"

The eve of QPR's Playoff Final against Cardiff at the Millenium Stadium

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