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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Explaining The Gorkss and Nardiello Deals and Delay's Impact

David McIntyre - BBC 606 - Almost there, but Gorkss must still wait
29 July 2008

As I write this Danny Nardiello is discussing personal terms at Blackpool.
He arrived there this morning and no complications are expected, so it looks like his move will go through later today.
Nardiello’s departure is a separate transfer to the Kaspars Gorkss deal, but it is effectively an exchange because it is hoped it may nudge Blackpool towards releasing Gorkss.
Giving Blackpool the option of also signing one or two fringe players on loan should also speed up the process, especially as Gorkss has made it clear he does not want to play for them again.
From speaking to people, it seems many think the delay has been because of possible action by the authorities after Blackpool accused QPR of making an illegal approach.
In fact, Gorkss has been unable to resolve what is basically a contractual issue between himself and Blackpool despite weeks of wrangling and a clause supposedly entitling him to move for £250,000.
The possibility of the authorities getting involved wore off some time ago and in any case would be a separate issue
This farce is almost over but too late for Gorkss to have a meaningful pre-season – something anyone in the game will tell you is absolutely crucial for a player and the key to his entire season.
Rangers had hoped to squeeze the deal through in time to field Gorkss at Kilmarnock tonight, but he almost certainly will not now feature in the game.
That only leaves the Chievo match at the weekend – hardly adequate preparation for a player who is likely to be crucial for Rangers this season." BBC 606

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