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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Caliendo Asks About His QPR Payments...Ex-QPR Birthdays..."On This Day" Flashbacks

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- As noted on the QPR Italia blog: Antonio Caliendo is asking about payments (English Web Translation) --- And in the original Italian:
Antonio Caliendo is asking about payment !

English Web Translation: Caliendo to Briatore: "When you pay me?"

Can you tell us when will paid my debts? Briatore can deny that QPR was bought for 90 million and say what he really paid myself and my associates to buy the club? I hope that answers will not wait"
. The prosecutor and former chairman and shareholder of Queens Park Rangers, Antonio Caliendo, so back with a long note on the property of another English club.
"I agree - writes Caliendo addressing Briatore - when claims that football in England is a business, starting from the stadium property that can create wealth in different ways. In that respect we are still waiting for permission to go with our experts for the evaluation of it, so far denied. It 'a business also sell shares of QPR! can say what he earned from the sale of my shares of QPR by Mr Mittal? Can you tell us if you are giving more shares to other potential buyers and at what price ?
La Repubblica.it The Repubblica.it

- See also: Caliendo's October blog postings re payments

Birthdays Today: David Seaman, Ian Evatt and Justin Channing-

David Seaman Turns 45:
Born November 19, 1963. Signed by Jim Smith from Birmingham for £250,000 in 1986. Seaman made his QPR debut in the club's 5-1 defeat at Southampton (future QPR forward scoring a hatrick on his Southampton debut). Seaman played almost 150 league games over 4 seasons before he was reluctanctly allowed to join Arsenal for £1.3 million in May 1990 (where he played 400+ league games). Seaman was also capped 75 times by England

Ian Evatt turns 27
Born November 19, 1981). Signed from Chesterfield for about £150,000 in the Summer of 2005. Played 27 games for QPR in his first season season. Joined Blackpool last season, initially on loan, and then permanently.

Justin Channing Turns 39
(Born November 19, 1968) The defender/midfielder played about 50 games over a number of seasons for QPR before joining Bristol Rovers. Channing made his QPR debut in the 1986-87 season. He best season was 1989-1990, where he played 23 games for QPR.

Some Recent "Missed" Birthdays

Bobby Turpie - 13 November 1949
QPR apprentice who made 2 QPR appearances in 1969/1970. As Tony Currie said in an interview on QPR's Official Site: "I first joined QPR on amateur forms when I was 14 to 15 years-old. Then when I left school the Club didn't think I was good enough to sign as an apprentice. Instead, they signed Bob Turpie who was a mate of mine and went to the same School as me. So I then had to go and work for a small building firm..."

Keith Pritchett - 8 November 1953
Signed by Dave Sexton from Doncaster in 1975, he made four appearances
in the 1974/1975 season before being sold to Brentford

Bryan Williams - 5 November 1955
Signed by Frank Sibley from Bury in 1977/1978. Spent one season with QPR before being sold to Swindon

Michael Mahoney Johnson - 6 November 1976
With QPR in the late 1990s. Eventually joined Portadown in 2000.

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