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Thursday, November 13, 2008

"QPR has become a club containing huge egos off the pitch...the plaything of wealthy boys with their toys...soul of the club will go the way of Jude..

[Another "strong" QPR match preview/comment by Noam Friendlander/in Time Out London.(Noam Friedlander's comments last week's "QPR. What a Mess. What an utter Mess evoked some strong reactions.]

Coca-Cola Championship Queens Park Rangers v Burnley...
- Rangers are still limping along. Somehow. And now here come Burnley, who memorably whipped them 4-2 nine months ago at Loftus Rd. The tactics have changed slightly since then with interim manager Gareth Ainsworth trying to encourage a passing game, but the Clarets are up against a team with little direction. QPR has become a club containing huge egos off the pitch – and it seems that anyone with a dominant personality, from Ian Holloway through to Iain Dowie, just won't survive.
- So what's the answer? They tried the quiet Italian approach with Luigi Di Canio last year. He didn't last. For all the money, most fans feel they support a club in decline because it has become the plaything of wealthy boys with their toys. A mere lobbying centre for Formula 1 addicts and friends. They need to remember that those people turning up every fortnight actually pay the overpriced ticket prices because they love the club and love their football. That love needs to be respected by W12's czars. And soon. Because the soul of the club will go the way of Jude the cat if they're not careful... Noam Friedlander" - Time Out/London

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